Automatic Tortilla Machine

Automatic Tortilla Machine

Precision-engineered product with Unique Features

  • Three conveyor Technology

    Three conveyor Technology

  • 360° Chapati Baking

    360° Chapati Baking

  • hmi-display-for-easy-operating-and-viewing

    HMI Display For Easy Operating & Viewing

  • up-to-12-tortilla.png

    Up to 12″ ø Tortilla

  • up-to-50-gas-saving

    Up to 50% Gas Saving

  • Up-to-50-Electricity-Saving

    Up to 50% Electricity Saving

  • Up to 50% gas Saving

    Up to 50% gas Saving

  • Less-Maintenance

    Less Maintenance

  • In-house-Designed-Burners

    In house Designed Burners

  • Easy-to-Clean

    Easy to Clean

360° Chapati Baking360° Chapati Baking

Existing chapati making machine design just focus on heating chapati from only two sides, making 1/3 part of chapati devoid of proper heat for baking. This leads of undercooked chapatis as burners only heat chapati from the top and bottom. Qualimark’s unique 360˙ baking process- developed in-house ensures that heat spreads equally in the machine from all sides. The burners working on this process ensure perfectly roasted chapatis from all the sides, improving the overall quality of chapati.

Less-MaintenanceLess Maintenance

Qualimark’s automatic chapati machine is extremely compact with fewer rotational parts compared to existing machines. This makes it easier to operate, clean and maintain. As the machine consists of very less number of moving parts, it also promises minimal noise and vibration during operations. With 50% less burners and electric parts and only one conveyor compared to three in conventional machines, the machine requires very less maintenance during the course of operations.

  • Automatic Tortilla Machine

Technical Specification
    • Type
    • TMTM
    • Production Rate (Approx.)
    • 900-1000 Nos. / Hr.
    • Weight of Tortilla
    • 25 to 90 Gms.
    • Thickness of Tortilla
    • 1 to 2.5 mm
    • Size of Tortilla
    • ø 4″ to ø 12″
    • Required Elec. Power (HP / kW) 3Phase
    • 20.79 HP / 15.49 kW
    • Gas Pressure
    • 0.5 kg
    • Gas Consumption
    • 1.5 – 2 Kg / Hr.
    • Weight (Kg.) Approx.
    • 2000
    • Overall Dimensions (Ft.)
    • 12.5 x 3.5 x 7.5 (L x W x H)

Automatic Tortilla Machine