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    Chapati Making Machines

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Unique Features

Unique Features World class problem solving products with Unique features

  • Single-Conveyor-Technology

    Single conveyor Technology

  • 360-degree-chapati-baking

    360° Chapati Baking

  • Hotels and Caterers

    Travel Friendly Machine for Hotels & Caterers

  • Less-Maintenance

    Less Maintenance

  • In-house-Designed-Burners

    In house Designed Burners

  • Fully Automatic Khakhra Making Machine

    India’s 1st Fully Automatic Khakhra Making Machine

  • Indias-Highest-Capacity-Machine

    India’s Highest Capacity Machine

  • In-house-rd-facility

    In house R&D facility

  • Automatic Khakhra Stacking

    Automatic Khakhra Stacking

  • Easy-to-integrate-with-other-machines

    Easy to integrate with other machines

  • Drop-Down-Roasting-Dish-Design

    Drop Down Roasting Dish Design

  • Convenient-Machine-Speed-Adjustment

    Convenient Machine Speed Adjustment

  • In-house-Designed-Solid-Ms-Hinge

    In-house Designed Solid MS Hinge

  • Easy-Dough-Ball-Size-Adjustment

    Easy Dough Ball Size Adjustment

  • Less-Labor-Requirement

    Less Labor Requirement