Khakhra Making Machine

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Khakhra Making Machines

  • High Capacity

    High Capacity

  • Automatic Stacking

    Automatic Stacking

  • Energy-efficient Machines

    Energy-efficient Machines

  • Low Maintenance

    Low Maintenance

  • Compact Size

    Compact Size

  • Low Labour Requirement

    Low Labour Requirement

Fully Automatic Khakhra Making Machine 

Fully Automatic Khakhra Machines

Powered by advanced hydraulic technology, the innovative khakhra making machine is an innovation-driven, advanced, low maintenance, cost-efficient and high-capacity solution for khakhra making. Know more
Automatic Khakhra Machine 

Automatic Khakhra Making Machine

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automatic khakhra making machine mechanical_model 

Automatic Khakhra Making Machine – Mechanical Model

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Automatic Khakhra Roasting Machine 

Automatic Khakhra Roasting Machines

Used for roasting khakhra, the automatic machine makes it easier to achieve highest production levels with minimum operator involvement owing to revolutionary roasting dish design. Know more
Dough Making Machine 

Dough Ball Making Machine

A highly-efficient machine that facilitates dough balls making process in bulk. Working on latest technology, the machine promises great functioning at high speed. Know more
Flour Kneading Machine 

Flour Kneading Machine

Simplifying and improving the speed of flour kneading process, the flour kneading machine is useful for high-capacity kitchens catering to a large audience. Know more
Vacuum Packaging Machine 

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Effective for packing processed food products, vacuum packaging machine come in two forms- single chamber and double chamber. Know more
Shrink Packaging Machine 

Shrink Packaging Machines

With a compact size, shrink packaging machine helps in wrapping products using any heat shrinkable material like PVC, LDPE, CRYOVAC, POLYVOLY, etc. Know more